3 Reasons Why Black Might Not Be the Most Flattering for You (and How to Deal with It)

In fashion magazines and style advice, you’ll be urged that a pair of black trousers, black blazer, black top, black pencil skirt, and a little black dress are essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Though these garments are the flattering and slimming, there are still 3 reasons to bust the black myth.

  1. Black is a deep, cool shade that flatter cool complexions.


free-flowing-black-top-with-pants black-leather-dress-with-umbrella black-fur-coat-with-gold-choker

Before resorting to black ensembles, remember that black is a deep, cool shade that generally flatters cool complexions. If you are warm, light, or muted in your complexion, then it won’t look flattering for you. If you find yourself in a warm complexion yet look absolutely stunning in this shade, try to notice where it draws the attention. If you have a warm complexion yet don’t want to draw the focus at your hips, then don’t wear black pants as they’re not slimming for you. On the contrary, if you have a cool complexion yet not pale enough, black may be a great shade for you.

  1. Black tends to age you over lighter colors.

all-black-outfit-with-leather-gloves sheer-black-maxi-dress-with-edgy-boots futuristic-black-coat-with-skinny-pants all-black-winter-outfit

Of all the dark colors, that black is the most aging shade as it will cast a shadow on your face, make wrinkles and lines look deeper, throw shadows under your eyes and make you look even more tired, and create double chins. The older you get, the harder black is to wear, and the lighter your hair and skin the less it suits you. If you wish to go all black, try to create texture contrast as well as go for sheer panels on your dresses to add some modern feel.

  1. Black is not the only shade that can be slimming.

sexy-black-night-out-outfit navy-vest-with-pants-and-brown-belt black-sweater-with-tights-and-printed-high-low-skirt bell-sleeved-black-dress

If light colors make you look bigger and dark colors make you look smaller, then what is the most slimming color? According the studies, black logically seems to be the darkest shade, so it should recede the most. But, if bright colors advance and muted or gray-toned colors recede then what is black? However, black is actually a bright shade without gray element so those ‘slimming’ black trousers will actually draw attention to your hips and make it look bigger, not smaller. Other dark shades like navy, deep olive green, dark brown and such can still be slimming for you. If you’re aiming for a shade of trousers to make your hips look smaller, go for other darker shades. Dark gray or dark brown can be great if you’ve got cool complexion, and if you’re warm chocolate brown or deep olive green will both be far more slimming than any black pants ever could be for you.

Indeed, ‘black is slimming’ is a myth for the majority of the women, so you don’t have to be forced to wear black all the time. Instead, pick a shade that works best for you.

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