3 Genius Styling Tips for Evening Dresses

An evening dress is an essential piece every woman should have in their wardrobes. From wedding receptions to other glamorous parties, women need this for formal and semi-formal occasions. However, finding the right dress that will suit you perfectly can be very challenging, so keep on reading for our 3 genius styling tips for evening dresses.

  1. Choose a style that highlights best features.


sexy-black-lace-dress romantic-lace-dress-with-cut-out-bag little-black-dress-with-heels

As many women look for designer dresses or even statement-making ones, you must aim to show your curves and best features. Different evening dresses highlight different features, so pay attention to what it emphasizes before buying it. While backless style show off your sexy back, low necklines draw attention to your bust, and a design that ends a few inches above the knee showcase shapely legs. If you’re aiming for a sexy yet demure style, you may go for halter maxi dresses with slits like Annabelle Fleur did to look elegant and beautiful without showing too much skin. Just pick a dress that will highlight your best feature, whether it is your legs, waist, bust or face.

  1. Accessorize your dress moderately.

black-evening-dress-with-elegant-clutch pearl-necklace-with-black-eyelet-dress-and-velvet-shoes peach-tent-dress-with-mermaid-inspired-cap emerald-green-evening-dress-with-orange-pumps

Many women are in doubt of wearing accessories thinking they might overdo their look. But, accessorizing is one of the keys to spice up your evening dress, especially if it’s simple and muted. Think if your dress would look great with your shoes, clutch, and jewelry. Some women often choose to wear black evening dresses because the shade is considered to be the most elegant and versatile. If you’re aiming for a bold style, copy Darya Kamalova’s look by wearing a pair of orange pumps with your emerald green dress that will create a quirky yet elegant statement. If you’re aiming for a specific theme, you may complete your looks with accessories that channel that vibe you’re aiming for.

  1. Wear the dress and don’t let it wear you.

red-slit-maxi-dress-with-nude-pumps mermaid-inspired-sequin-dress high-low-pastel-dress-with-white-pumps graphic-print-asymmetric-dress

Regardless how stylish and fashion-forward the dress is if it doesn’t flatter you just skip it. There are a lot of colors and prints that are very trendy, but you should make sure they’ll flatter your hair color or skin tone. Traditionally, red evening dresses can’t be worn by women with peachy complexions, while those with warm complexions should wear burgundy dresses. Petite ladies can easily be overwhelmed by a bold pattern, while too little prints can make a tall woman disproportionally larger. You could go for a sequin dress, but keep in mind of the impressions it will give you as sequins look more festive, quirky, and sometimes tacky over satin and silk dresses. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to look your best on your evening dresses.

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