28 Blush Set review

Pleasant day pretties! here is my review on a blusher palette that i bought on Ebay…

A little while ago I saw a blog post on Laurens Dressing Room about this blusher palette that she found on Ebay. It was under a fiver so I knew I had to get my hands on it as she said it did contain some dupes for MAC blushers.

28 Blush Set

I ordered this at the end of July just after I saw Laurens post and the ebay seller said it could take up to 20 days to be delivered I think but getting towards the end of August it still hadn’t turned up. So I messaged the seller and he asked me to wait a little bit longer so I did and it didn’t turn up.  I messaged again and asked him to send me another one. Less than a week later this turned up. So I am wondering if this is the first one that was suppose to be on its way. If another one turns up I will do a mini giveaway.

When I opened the palette it had quite a strong chemical smell. Think acrylic nails kinda smell, this was a little off putting and the colours also look really bright in real life. You do need to apply these with a very light hand which I suppose is good because they are highly pigmented for the price.

28 Blush Set2

I have tried quite a few of the shades out and so far so good no horrible break outs or funny reactions.

If you are looking for a cheap way to build up your collection or to try out new colours like for I am  this is definitely worth getting your hands on.


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