18 Cool and Fun DIY Shoe Makeovers

If you want your footwear to stand out from the rest, consider these 10 DIY shoe makeover ideas. DIY shoe makeovers are fun and interesting and you will feel like you have new shoes. To help you out in making over your shoes here are some interesting ideas that you can follow. 

Glittered DIY sneakers makeover is very easy, all you need is a pair of sneakers, glue and your preferred color of glitters. You will surely love the new look of your sneakers. 

  1. Add fabric flowers to sandals for a cute summery style via My So Called Crafty Life.floral-sandals-how-to

2) Glittered DIY Shoe Makeover


3) Hand stitch some patterns and designs on plain canvas shoes via Skunkboy.hand-stitched-shoe-makeover

4) Colorful DIY Sneakers Makeover 

2 diy shoe makeover ideas

Adding removable ruffles make your shoes look elegant and stylish. You can change the color of the ruffles that will match your outfit. These ruffled shoes will be perfect for a wedding or any other formal occasions. 

5) Add neon gems to plain white sandals via I SPY DIY.neon-gem-sandals

6) Removable Ruffles for your Shoes

1 diy shoe makeover ideas


7) Add cute cats to the front of some ballet flats via Julie Ann Art.cat-flats diy

8)  Studded Kitten Heels  via I SPY DIY.

5 diy shoe makeover ideas

Another DIY shoe makeover is the button shoes makeover. Collect those colorful buttons that you have at home and start gluing. This shoe makeover is perfect for everyday use.

9) Add cute little triangles to canvas shoes with a paint pen via The Thinking Closet.Diy shoes makeover art

10) DIY Button Shoes Makeover

3 diy shoe makeover ideas


11) Turn plain shoes into fun watermelon ones via Kittenhood.diy-watermelon-shoes

12) Pearl DIY Shoes Makeover

4 diy shoe makeover ideas


This DIY pretty shoes can be used during formal events and occasions. If you don’t have the time to buy new shoes for a wedding or any occasions, you can follow the instruction provided in the link to create a lovely pair of shoes.

13) DIY Lovely Shoe Makeover

7 diy shoe makeover ideas


14) Cover a pair of Vans in gold spikes via Honestly WTF.diy studded vans

15) Beaded DIY Shoe Makeover

8 diy shoe makeover ideas


For those who don’t want a permanent shoe makeover, these cute shoe clips are a good idea. You can purchase several cute shoe clips if you want to change the look of your shoes each time you go out. These cute clips are available in different colors and designs that you will love. 

16) Cute Shoe Clips for Shoe Makeover

2 diy shoe makeover ideas


17)  DIY Glitter Toms Shoe Makeoverglitter-toms-tutorial


18) Use iron on printer paper to add floral designs to a pair of canvas shoes  via Always Rooney.Floral Vans Restyle DIY


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