17 Smoulder Smooth Silky Gel EyeLiner Review

Hello Beauties, Here is my new 17 Smoulder Smooth Silky Gel EyeLiner Review.

So it’s Sunday and i got myself up to the retail park to look for a new iphone charger seeing as i have a habit of destroying. I had no luck whatsoever and had to settle with some crazy multi charger? pfft. Oh and thank you so much to the guy in Currys/PC World who told me to drive 45 minutes and get Apple to swap it. Not.

After much disappointment i thought i’d nip into boots and grab an eyebrow pencil but got distracted by the new 17 range. 17 as a brand i like because they are so affordable and i consider their stuff to be great quality. Hit or miss with some items of course but you get that with every brand.

Right now they are promoting a line of products for your eyes, now i’ve always been a fan of your box standard liquid eyeliner (which they were promoting) but this time round i thought i’d try a change. I’ve been itching to try gel liner for a while… like i said before i have sworn by your standard liquid eyeliner and i’ve even used theatrical black face paint (I’d probably still use that if i could remember to stop by a fancy dress shop)

17 Smoulder Smooth Silky Gel EyeLiner

17 Smoulder Smooth Silky Gel EyeLiner Review

So the people at 17 have created a “Smoulder Gel Eyeliner” which technically isn’t really gel eyeliner as in what you would think but i also picked up their “Make Your Mark” precision eyeliner pen. (review to come) also so i was okay in the eyeliner department.

You’re probably thinking “Why is this not really gel eyeliner Shay?” Well in my personal preference this gel liner does not achieve the look i want for my every day eye liner, a nice stroke across the eye and wallah! This is to thick and “gel” like (duh) so i attempted to use it in a different way, i blended it in with a smokey eye to give that ‘smouldered’ effect and it did, i was really impressed. My only downfall was that i had to be quick in blending because this baby dries so quickly and stays there for a good apparent “16 hours no smudging”.

17 Smoulder Smooth Silky Gel EyeLiner Skin View

As you can see above the line is very broken and i might be wrong and it is my personal preference but i like it to be nice and smooth and slick however, once manipulated i really do love the effect of this product.
I now plan to use this as part of a really drastic smokey eye as the product does add a lot of drama to the eye.
You can pick this up from any Boots store for ÂŁ3.99, currently they have a buy one get the second half price on this line of products because they are in their introductory period.
Oh & here’s a picture of the look i created with it 🙂

17 Smoulder Smooth Silky Gel EyeLiner Usage

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