17 Best skin care products from my basket

Welcome, Internet, to my skincare basket and here is 17 Best skin care products for a daily use !
17 Best skin care products from my basket

This little beauty is my version of a treasure chest, jam-packed with classics that I know work wonders for my skin and little gems that I am trying to introduce into my routine. I’m not going to lie to you and pretend I am some kind of skincare genius (like Caroline Hirons who has created the best ever ‘cheat sheets’ that are well worth checking out) – as a matter of face, for many many years I was exclusively a face wipe girl – shock horror(!) – but I have slowly got myself into a routine. Yes, after a night of drinking I do reach for the face wipes before I lollop into bed but, on the whole, I do at least try to take good care of my skin, and here are some of the products I use. Origins Modern Friction exfoliator
Exfoliator: Origins Modern Friction, £33.
 This is my all-time-favourite exfoliator. Yes, I know, it’s expensive but the smallest amount is needed to leave your face flake-free without the redness that some exfoliators can cause. I squeeze a large pea sized blob (kinda like broad bean sized, to be specific) on to the back of my hand and massage it onto a dry face, concentrating on any areas that need an extra scrubbing such as my nose and chin. I then wet my hands and lather it up, simples! Clarins' Pure Melt Cleansing Gel, Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil
Cleansers: Clarins’ Pure Melt Cleansing Gel, £19.50 and Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil, £21.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I much prefer oil or balm cleansers as I have relatively dry skin, and these two are my favourites. I purchased the pump for the Origins cleanser as otherwise it’s a tad tricky to use. Both can be used to remove eye make up which is excellent for lazy girls like me! You apply both to dry skin and then rinse off with water, couldn’t be more straight forward really. lush, benefit ,origins,caudalie - best toners
Toners: Benefit’s Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, £23.50 for full sized, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, £11, Lush’s Breath of Fresh Air, £7.50 and Origins Make a Difference Treatment Lotion, £18.
People either love or hate toners – I’m definitely in the love camp when it comes to these. With the Benefit and Origins’ one, I simply apply to a cotton wool pad and sweep over the face, with the other two I just spritz on. I do this after cleansing but before serums/facial oils. best serums and oils
Serums and Oils: Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum (wow, that’s a mouthful), £56,  Clarins Hulie Lotus FAce Treatment Oil, £30 and Kiehl’s* Midnight Recovery Concentrate, £36.
Apart from my trusted Dr Andrew Weil for Origins serum, I tend to neglect this step. I recently rediscovered (behind my wardrobe of all places?) this Clarins treatment oil but as it is designed for oily/combination skin I am worried it might dry my already dry skin out further, but we shall see. I was gifted this sample of the M.R.C at an event I went to and have only been using it a matter of days but my skin already looks more radiant so I think I shall be purchasing the full sized one shortly! best kehls and klarins moisturizers
Moisturisers: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser*, £34 for 250ml, Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer*, £29.50 and Clarins’ Daily Energiser Cream, £21.
I don’t have a moisturiser that I use regularly at the moment. Previously, I was using the Origins Make a Difference PLUS+ Ultra Rich but found it too heavy for my skin in the summer months. So far I am really enjoying the Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer* and will be writing a full post on it after I have been using it for a while longer. lush ultrabalm,origins eye doctor,clarins mask , kehls masque
Miscellaneous: Lush’s Ultrabalm, £8.25, Origins Eye Doctor, £27, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Hydrating Overnight Masque*, £28 andClarins’ Pure and Radiant Mask, £21.50.
Not much to say about these, they’re just little bits that have either worked their way into there since they’ve had nowhere else to go (I.E. the Clarins mask and the Origins Eye Doctor) or are new additions to my routine (Kiehl’s Masque) – all except the Ultrabalm which I have been using for years. I use it on my lips, any dry patches of skin, to hold my eyebrows in place (strange, I know) and even as a moisturiser on long-haul flights.
So what are your favourite bits of skincare? Do you have any favourite brands? What’s your routine? Let me know in the comments!