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Pai Echium Eye Cream, Tranquility Bath Collection, and Rosehip Facial Set

Hey Beauties here is my  Pai Echium Eye Cream, Tranquility Bath Collection, and Rosehip Facial Set review :
I treated myself to a new eye cream (and maybe a bath & body set) the other week while I was buying a couple of Christmas pressies… Well!  Two for me and one for them, right?!  

Anyway, I wanted to show you what I got and tell you how much I’m loving the new eye cream!  I bought Pai’s Echium Biorejuvenate Eye Cream to try because I like to use natural/organic eye creams and so this was a no brainer.  The eye cream I was using before was from Antipodes and I never posted on it because I wasn’t hugely enamoured by it.  

For one, the Antipodes eye cream came in a pot and didn’t come with a little spatula or anything so that was the first thing that annoyed me.  I hate to dip my fingers into pots of cream, all the bacteria that can harbour in there! Eugh!  So anyway, I thought I’d show you a couple pictures of the Antipodes eye cream so you can see how far I got before abandoning it.  Okay, so the picture doesn’t show you properly but I was almost at the halfway mark when I decided to give up on it.

Now, the Pai Echium Biorejuvenate Eye Cream comes in a little pump tube and I love it!  It’s airtight so all the active ingredients stay active, no bacteria can get in because I don’t even touch the end of the pump with my fingers and it has a great consistency where a small amount goes a long way.  Talking of texture, it’s really light but moisturising so I feel like it’s doing its job without weighing my skin down and I even noticed that it has a slight smoothing effect which I was surprised to note.  So it’s been a couple weeks and I’m really enjoying using it.Pai-Echium-eyecream



I may have also accidentally bumped the Pai Tranquility Bath & Body Collection into my basket too… Well, when you spend the amount of time on the road as I do, you NEED a bit of tranquility when you get home.  Trust.Pai-Echium-Eye-Cream-Tranquility-Bath-Collection


This cute little set is great as a taster if you like the look of the Jasmine and May Change Rejuvenating Body Oil and it comes with the Jasmine and May Chang Bath Oil too!  For just £14, I thought it was a bit bargainous really.  The Jasmine and May Change Rejuvenating Body Oil is gorgeous!  Very subtle smell which is great as it won’t interfere with any perfume but the overall effect of it is great.  It’s not greasy or too slippery and again, a little goes a long way.  The moisturising effects last at least 24 hours from what I’ve noted and it definitely goes hand in hand with the bath oil.  

The Jasmine and May Chang Bath Oil has a consistency that took me by surprise.  It’s like a thick honey/syrup consistency and needs at least 15-30 seconds to come out of the bottle so you need to be patient with it, not like a ketchup bottle smacking the bottom of it.  Once it hits running water it turns into a light milky tone and disperses through the bath giving you an idea of what Cleopatra must have felt like stepping into her milk bath.  I noticed the moisturising effects on my hands just from giving it a swirl while the bath was running which gave me an idea of what it does.  It’s highly moisturising without any kind of slick greasy feeling and doesn’t leave a residue ring on the bath either.  Result!

What also surprised me is the bottles they both come in.  They are heavy glass bottles which really feels like quality and are definitely a great buy as a gift.  They would make great stocking fillers or a normal gift too.  I’d definitely recommend them if you know someone with dry skin that can’t seem to find anything decent to work for them.  I know a couple ladies myself so they may be the lucky recipients of a Tranquility Collection themselves.

I also bought the Rosehip 3-Step Facial Set as an actual Christmas gift for my Mum too (ssshhhhhh, don’t tell her!!).  I’m not completely selfish, you know.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post we love the Rosehip Oil so I’ve got high hopes for the mask.  I’m hoping Mum will let me have a go with the mask to try it out.  The mask comes in a glass tub and it’s quite a decent size.  I say that because I expected it to be smaller for some reason?pai-rosehip-facial-set

If you’ve got this far, well done!  I haven’t bored you tears then.  I hope some of this helps your pressie purchasing?