12 DIY Embellished Outfit Ideas

We love to wear unique pieces and what’s a better way to have them than DIY embellished outfits? By putting appliques on your clothes, you have a look that wouldn’t also be on anybody else. We know how horrible it feels to run into someone who’s got the same shirt on as you. Let’s prevent such incidents from happening by enumerating the fashion projects you can do at home.

Here are twelve DIY embellished outfit ideas you can try:

1. Lace On Shorts. For short shorts, go for lace embellishment at the sides. It’s not only classy but sexy in a sophisticated way. For more casual looks, try denim shorts. You can also put lace on any part of your shorts or pants.



2. Button-down Laces. Some may think it’s not so fashionable to wear lace this way but wait, the chic fabric has become democratic just like denim. for a cardigan, lace on button downs is a definite yes.


3. Lace Cuffs. Sew it on non-lace fabric or sleeves. It’s the best way to go.



4. Girly Bows. Bow on lace, bow and beads, or bow along with other bows, you name it! Just put it somewhere flattering. Choose sizes well. Don’t let it overwhelm your frame.


5. Zipper Styles. Put zippers wherever they aren’t usually placed. You can have multiple zippers on clothes, shes, hat, or bag.


6. Shimmering Beads. Experiment with cuts and spaces. You can choose one shade or color of beads or stones for a neat effect.



7.Style Up Front. You can make faces or other figures with sequins. If you want a simpler design, it would be easier to work on a few colors or just one color as well.


diyembellishedoutfitideas31 diyembellishedoutfitideas32


8. Elbow Patches. Why not have glittering elbows, or sew on heart patches?



9. Embellished Waists. Belted or cinch-waist dresses are perfect with bead adornments.


10. Starry Shoes. Wondering how those gems got on to those heels? Ask no more for it is not as challenging as it seems.


11. Feathered Heels. The twenties feathered fashion is back. Want to be in?




12. Interesting sleeves. When you’d rather cover up, add a layer of embellishment on your sleeves. It could be lace, studs, or anything that shines.


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