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10 Totally Cute 10-Minute Hairstyles

Complete your  look with the  Totally Cute 10-Minute Hairstyle . Use these easy tutorials to learn how to master mini  top knot and wrap around ponytail. Whether you are having a date or rushing to the grocery store, these 10 Stylish and quick Hairstyles  you can master in 10 minutes or less . Thsee tutorials are simple to do and your hair will look great . Get the effortless, chic look. There are plenty of 10-Minute Hairstyles  hairstyles out there , these are some of my  favorites that i found on Pinterest. It is no wonder that you can see variations of these hairdos on the hottest celebrities that walk the red carpet.


Half top knot

For an easy and quick style, pull front part of your hair into a high ponytail and tightly  wrap it around itself, making sure to keep the ends tucked in. This results in a mini top knot bun on the top of your head.Fix with bobby pins and  spray with hairspray to battle flyaways.

half top knot

Half Up Hairband roll

A simple and cute hairstyle  for any length or type of hair!  Wrap your hair  around  a stretchy headband, start at the front and take a piece of hair from each side.Twist it arounf your headband until you have the whole piece wrapped , then do the same  from another side , then connect wrapped hair  from both sides  with bobby pins. Check for the full tutorial here .

half up headband roll hairstyle

French Braid into Messy Bun

This pretty french braid bun is in fact quite simple to create –just make an inverted braid on each side of your head , connect them , as soon as you reach the nape of your neck , then simply twist the single braid up into a bun . The messier the bun , the better .

french braid into messy bun

Twisted Ponytail

This low twisted ponytail normally takes no more than minutes to create . Simply twisting the chunks of hair , starting from the front part , securing them with bobby pins or just hold it tight , and pulling the pony over and through an opening above the elastic , you’ve got yourself chic looking but easy low ponytail . Just what makes it so low maintenance is that it works with no matter what the natural texture is of your hair .

twisted ponytail

Front Row Braid

Part your front hair into two sections, and then braid each side secure them both with small rubber hair ties  .After you’ve secured the ends, gently tug at the strands to loosen the braids for a messier finish . Secure them together at the bottom Then,  then slip your hair into chic low ponytail .  You can see full tutorial here .

front row braid

Low Messy Bun

This 10 minute low bun works as the perfect hairstyle for school and even as classy evening hairstyle, and you can actually do it in 10 minutes or less. Put your hair into a low ponytail,leave your bangs out . then braid  your ponytail, after that loop hair around the base and tuck ends in with a bobby pin.  So simple and fast !

low messy bun

Bohemian half up hairdo with flowers

To get this bohemian look, take a center part of your hair and create two braids on each side of your part. Braid them in a loose way each back to the middle of your head, then secure them with a hair tie. Then stick small natural or artificial flowers through the braid to hold them in place.

Boho half up hairdo with flowers

 Wrap around Ponytail

This cute ponytail is an easy yet sleek cute hairstyle for every day.
To make a simple ponytail look sophisticated, make a wrap around pony .Tease hair at the root before starting, then make a ponytail, secure with an elastic band .   Take a half-inch section of hair from the underside of the ponytail , wrap it completely around the ponytail base to keep it from slipping. Insert one small  hairpin through the wrap from the top right corner to the lower left corner and another on the opposite side. The pins should form an X shape underneath your elastic. Then, leave some face-framing pieces out to fall as they may.

wrap around ponytail

Loose fishtail braid

This tutorial will show you how to make one of the classic and simpler fishtail braids. You simply pull at the braid after finishing it in order to make it look more voluminous.

messy braid

Chevron bun decorated with hair pins

This hairstylestyle looks best when your hair is pulled back into a low side bun. To get the chevron shape, slide one bobby pin onto the hair, and then slide the next one through the end of the first pin, creating a secure angle. To make 4 chevrons you will need 8 hair pins, but feel free to add more for a more dramatic effect!