10 Tips for Fashion Shopping on a Budget

Ten Tips to Surviving the Jungle, I Mean Shopping! So here is my  top 10 Tips for Fashion Shopping on a Budget !

1. Eat an early lunch 
Eat and head out early. This was you’ll be energetic and refreshed plus the best stock won’t have been snapped up yet!2. Don’t wear any thing that’s going to make trying on clothes a nightmare.
This is not the day for layers upon layers upon layers of clothes with buttons that take hours to undo and do up. You want to be able to slip in and out of whatever your wearing with relative ease!

3. Don’t wear high heels! 
You’ll be fed up of traipsing around with sore feet and increasingly heavy bags all day and anybody you’re with will be fed up of you complaining!

4. Give yourself the best chance. 
If you’re trying on a bikini (unlikely at this time of year) or some teeny tiny dress know that the changing room will have horrible lighting. A little fake tan, shaved legs/pits and socks that don’t leave marks on your legs will make your body look better and give you more confidence. A strapless bra is a good idea if you’re in the market for something strapless!

5. Bring socks. 
If you’re trying on shoes and you’re not already wearing socks,  bring them, it’s just polite!

6. Try to use cash! 
If you don’t want to overspend use cash not cards so you know how much money exactly your spending!7. If you’re unsure about something leave it.
If you can’t make up your mind about whether or not to buy a top (etc.) ask someone to but it aside (or just leave it there if there are loads of them) and if you’re still thinking about it by the end of the day (or even the following day!) Go back and get it!

8. Make a wishlist! 
If you find you have a mishmash of a wardrobe before you go look at pictures online of people whose style you admire, think about what these peoples looks have in common (say a certain colour or style of jean),  make a set on polyvore or have some fun on pinterest! Then make a wishlist of the things you really want. Here’s the trick, leave the wishlist on the kitchen table. When you’re out in the “wild” the items you remember from the list will be the ones you really want!

9. Avail of the Personal shopper! 
Lots of shopping centers/malls/shops/etc provide a personal shopper service and more often than not they’re free and you’re under no obligation to buy! So just ask! If they don’t offer a personal shopper regular staff members might help, River Island are especially good for this.

10. Shop on your own. 
Too many opinions and people who will tell you you look amazing in a plastic bag are not the people to bring shopping! If you really need someone else leave it aside and bring someone honest with you another time.

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