10 Spring Nail Art Designs for Your Next Manicure

You may have everything you need in your wardrobe for spring you’re not totally spring ready until you have everything down and that means your nails, too. Check out these gorgeous spring nail art designs to inspire you on your next manicure.

  1. Daisy garden – this simple but pretty nail art has a beautiful ombre background and a daisy or two painted on each nail. To achieve precision in drawing the daisies, you can use a nail art tool though if you have a sturdy hand, you can do it freestyle, too.spring daisy garden
  2. Watercolor flowers – who would have thought a bunch of highlighters could give you such a beautiful nail art design? And it’s really easy to make, too! Be sure to lock in your design with a top coat once your done.stabilo spring
  3. Darling dots – simple and minimal yet so full of spring vibes. If you’re not into loud, bold nail art designs for spring and you’d rather have something subtle instead, this one is definitely something that you will like.darling dots
  4. Pastel double French tip – this colorful play on the classic manicure style is sure to give you all the spring feels you need to complete your look. use contrasting colors to really play up the look and make it pop.pastel double french tip
  5. Floral negative space – you’ve seen them before – sleek, edgy, ultramodern – yes, I’m talking about the hot new trend for nails that is negative space nail art. But who says they always have to be such? Check out this cute take on the trend and try it out.negative space florals
  6. Tie dye nails – not big on florals? That’s fine. You can still channel your spring vibes into nail art by going for something colorful like this gorgeous tie dye nail design. It might look super complicated but seeing how its done will make you realize how easy it is.tie dye nails
  7. Magnificent mandala – you know those coloring books for grown ups filled with mandala patterns that are designed to soothe you? Well, why not have it on your nails too? You might need a stencil for this one or a really steady hand so a trip to the nail spa would be a really good idea.magnificent mandala
  8. Rainbow drops – here’s another one for those who aren’t fans of floral. This nail art design is great if you want something simple but colorful and something you can easily make on your own.rainbow drops
  9. Dotty Ladybird – instead of flowers on your nails, why not go for ladybirds? They’re just as much a symbol of spring as flowers so if you’re not fond of florals on your nails, this would make a great choice.ladybird
  10. Gorgeous gems – color has always been something we look forward to in spring and this gorgeous nail art design lets you use all the colors you want in style.gorgeous gem

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