10 Secrets of Olivia Palermo Style

Olivia Palermo is world famous for her enviable sense of style and mixing high-end pieces with high-street ones. She has a knack for picking feminine classics with contemporary cuts and pairing vintage dresses with color-blocked blazers. Whether she’s experimenting with current trends, her eye for detail makes her every outfit artfully accessorized and impeccably tailored to her figure. Let’s have a peek on her secrets so that we might copy her look.

1. Get the right fit or create some good fit with belts.

white blazer with neutral outfit

yellow dress with cute sandals

As we can observe from Olivia’s street looks, she highly values the great quality and good fit that makes her style polished and sleek. So, like her, get the perfect fit or have your clothes perfectly tailored to your figure. Wearing stylish belts or knotting belts in a stylish way is a great fix when wearing shapeless or voluminous ensembles.

2. Wear statement accessories to dress up your style.

pearl necklace with classic outfit purple bag with casual outfit statement necklace and shoes with white dress

Olivia has a knack that’ll elevate a red-carpet look by wearing statement accessories like necklaces, chic sunglasses, a structured handbag, or statement shoes. No matter how simple or muted your outfits, let your accessories do the talking and shine on your looks. Go for accessories that suit your mood. For instance, when you’re feeling glamorous, opt for silver and gold jewelry. Beaded necklaces and bracelets are great for a trendy look. On the other hand, when you wish to look more sophisticated and feminine, opt for chic sunglasses and a structured bag to balance the feel. Like Olivia, wear a statement piece that you can wear everyday to add a polish touch to your looks.

3. Master high-low mix on your ensembles.

fur coat with printed outfit Olivia Palaermo in black and nude dress

One cool thing about Olivia is she never really believes in labels but rather goes with what looks good on her no matter who makes it. So, instead of searching for high-end designer pieces, be creative mixing and matching your high fashion ensembles with simple ones to create a sophisticated and stylish looks with class. Olivia is a master of the high-low mix and you can use the trick by opting for fine silhouettes and fabrics like fur, satin, cashmere and such to pair with your muted ensembles. Print mixing may sometimes take away the sophistication in you, but Olivia maintains it by wearing a fur jacket with her printed outfit.

4. Play with prints and patterns.

striped blouse with white suit and pants zebra print skirt with metallic black blazer

Wearing prints and patterns is a great way to add some interest to your look yet the result is laid-back and polished. You may go classic by opting for classic prints like chevron, stripes, checks, and polka dots like Olivia did. Animal prints like zebra print, leopard print, and even snake’s skin prints add some fierceness to your tamed looks.

5. Play with colors as well as neutrals.

floral dress with purple bag and shoes gray coat with tulip skirt

Olivia always brings a pop of color to her neutral outfit whether it’s a bag, shoes, sunglasses, or even ensemble itself. Like her, you may wear some bright colored ensembles to serve as your accent piece or play the art of color blocking. You may sport some colorful prints with colorful accessories too. Just create a perfectly blended look and the result will still look effortless but polished.

6. Add some edge to your style with leather.

leather coat with suede outfit leather jacket with all black outfit leather jumpsuit

Leather balances the feminine feel of your outfit especially when you’re wearing flowy dresses with feminine prints. Like Olivia, you may wear a leather jumpsuit with a feminine off-shoulder blouse or a leather jacket with your little black dress. To create an amazing contrast, pair your leather coat with a suede outfit to balance the bohemian feel with an edgy vibe.

7. Bring some trendy vibe to your looks with fringe.

fringe skirt with classic top suede shirt with fringe skirt

Fringe is not only for bohemian and gypsy styles. As what Olivia showed us, you can create a sophisticated and chic looks with fringe skirts by wearing sophisticated and classic tops with them. Fringe bag and shoes are a great mix to dresses and skirts with a classic and elegant feel to balance the style when you’re going in a very casual place.

8. Wear denim in a casual-chic way.

chambray shirt with feminine skirt

Though denim items like chambray shirts, jeans, denim shorts, and denim skirts scream casual, Olivia brings some sophisticated feel with these items by pairing them with chic pieces like pencil skirts, midi skirts, feminine blouse, as well as trench coats and blazers. Just be creative in mixing and matching your ensembles to create a look that suit your personal taste.

9. Be creative in layering.

cute tube dress with button down shirt

Though coats, sweaters, basic tees, and button down shirts are common pieces known for layering, Olivia creatively layers her shirts with a tube dress to balance the over formal looks for a casual style. She even wore a statement necklace above her collared shirt to bring some sophisticated to a unique pair. Just polish your looks with sophisticated accessories like gold bangles, elegant clutch, and classic pumps.

10. Wear confidence.

leopard print dress

As Olivia showed us, designer pieces aren’t always the must-have when aiming for a polished and stylish looks. All you need is the confidence and creativity to mix your ensembles in a flattering way. Confidence is the thing that will turn heads to notice your great style with an edge. So, be now ready to show off your style on the streets, and be a head turner with your creative yet perfectly polished style.

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