10 Off the Shoulder Tops Worth Looking For

It’s practically fall, but off-the-shoulder tops are still flying off the shelves just as much as they did back in summer which is why I decided not to throw mine in the back of my closet just yet. I used to think that off-the-shoulder tops were only good for summer and spring, but I thought wrong. Here are a few off-the-shoulder tops that look good with just about anything and for any time of the year. Look for them while you can!

This off shoulder top that looks like one giant strip of ruffle

Flirty, flouncy, and feminine – these are all the words that entered my mind the moment I saw this gorgeous piece. This one is definitely worth hunting down.giant ruffle white top

This one-piece wonder

It may have that spring/summer friendly floral print on it but the dominant dark color makes it easy for this one-piece wonder to transition into fall and winter with zero effort. I love that the sleeves cover up most of the upper arm, too, for added warmth.dark floral off shoulder jumpsuit

This top that looks like a very sexy coat

Give your fall look a very sexy vibe with this off shoulder top that loos like a coat, complete with a double breast and gold buttons.off shoulder coat style top

This all-year-rounder

The long sleeves and the cuffs on the sleeves scream fall but the shoulder-baring style and that knot in the front just shouts spring and summer which makes this the perfect off shoulder top to have in your wardrobe all year long.all year rounder off shoulder top

This dressy little (black) thing

Forget about your LBD. This little black off the shoulder top with gorgeous statement sleeves is the perfect piece to wear anytime you want to wow without worries.dressy off shoulder top with statement sleeves

This top with overflowing gypsy vibes

This very Boho off shoulder top is overflowing with gypsy vibes and we love it! It’s something we’d wear pre-Coachella and something we’d more than proudly wear for a quick bite with our girl friends on a cool autumn day as well.gypsy pink off shoulder top

This figure-hugging, curve-enhancing off-the-shoulder top

With all the loose, flowy, and ethereal off the shoulder tops floating around, you might think that it’s the only way to wear one but it’s not! In fact, an off the shoulder top looks just as  good when worn with a tight fit as it would when worn loose and this look can attest to that. Styling it with a scarf is a smart decision, too.sexy curve enhancing top

This perfectly plaid piece

Plaid is always a welcome addition to any wardrobe and this off the shoulder piece is a great one to wear for any casual day when you just want something simple yet stylish.plaid off shoulder top

This very blogger-esque number

Only a fashion blogger could pull off a statement top quite as bold as this one. The bow detail in front is really all that you need to turn heads in a room or in a crowd.statement top with bow

This top with Kardashian-Jenner inspired sleeves

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are known for their love of anything laced up and corseted but if you find that lace up tops are a tad too revealing, perhaps having that detail on areas other than the chest would be a good idea. Here’s an off the shoulder top with lace up sleeves. They’re cute and they add a quite sexy vibe to your look, too.lace up sleeves off shoulder top



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