10 Neutral Nail Art Designs for Minimalists

Summer may be all about the fun, bright, and vibrant colors but if you’re not the kind of girl who loves to go all out on rainbow hues, don’t worry, we got you. Here are chic neutral nail art designs for minimalists like you that are perfect all year round.

  1. Neutral with a dose of colors – if you want to stick to neutrals but also want something to add a pop of color to your nails for summer, this colorful dotted nail art look is the one for you.dotted colorful neutral nails
  2. Ombre matte hearts – if you’re like me and you’re obsessed with everything matte, this gorgeous matte ombre nail art design should be right up your alley.ombre matte hearts
  3. Vintage flora – love retro? Check out this cool retro floral nail art design against neutral nails. This is the perfect nail art design to go for if you want something light and subtle.vintage flora
  4. Nice and nude – use white nail polish to create little petals against your nude nails to form flowers or try doing a white and nude chevron stripe. Both are super cute and super easy to do.nice and nude
  5. Dainty feathers – whether you’re in search of the perfect bridal nails or just something really simple and dainty, these feather nails are the ones that are perfect for you.dainty feathers
  6. Aztec on nude – here’s another way to sport color against nude nails, especially this summer. Aztec inspired nails are the perfect excuse to add a splash of color to your nails but without going overboard.aztec nails
  7. Rustic lace nails – if you want to have some fun with your neutral nails, how about going rustic and going freehand with a dainty lace design like this? It’s a great neutral nail concept if you want something simple but unique.lace nails
  8. Negative space dots – here’s something that’s also fun and unique. If you’re into negative space nail art, this might be something that you would be interested in doing. All you really need to complete this is a dotting tool.negative space dots
  9. Café latte – got an assortment of neutral nail polish colors? Use them all in one look by creating something random and abstract like these café latte color schemed nail art look.cafe latte
  10. Rose gold – to give a unique look to your neutral nails without really adding anything bright and summery, try adding a pop of glittery or metallic rose gold to your nail art design.rose gold with neutral


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