10+ Green Outfits to Inspire Your St. Paddy’s Day Look

Tomorrow is St. Paddy’s Day and whether you’re Irish or not, the festivities that tomorrow will bring is always a good excuse to have fun and have a good time. Now, of course, if you want to be part of the celebration, you have to at least dress the part and wear green. You know, to respect tradition and show you’re game for anything. Here are some of the prettiest and most chic green outfits you can take inspiration from for your St. Paddy’s Day look.

  • 90s street style – this outfit is everything that a 90s child would love and want. The leather mini, fishnet stockings and slightly oversized yet still fluffy sweater — everything is 90s perfection.90s street style
  • Green on green – a lot of women are afraid of wearing a monochromatic look, but wearing green from head to toe is just a whole other level of boldness. If you’re feeling quite adventurous, though, and you still want to give it a shot, why not draw inspiration from the following photos? We have everything from a look that can take you from desk to dinner to something that’s perfect for a St. Paddy’s Day date with your man or a long overdue catch up sesh with your friends.monochromatic look monochromatic supermodel style monochromatic with print romantic monochromatic army chic
  • Fiercely festive – I love this fierce, fabulous and festive look. It’s got all the right elements combined to create something that’s bold enough to make a strong statement yet not so much so that it’s obnoxiously over the top. If you’re the kind of gal who loves a good, fun outfit, this is the inspo you need.fierce and festive
  • Gorgeous gypsy – can’t decide on a theme to wear for St. Paddy’s Day? How about dressing up like a gorgeous gypsy except you’ll be giving your look a more contemporary take? This crop top and genie-ish pants combo is what you need to pull it off. The pair of green mirrored sunnies won’t hurt, too.gypsy style green
  • Retro green – going retro for St. Paddy’s this year? Do away with wearing major pieces in green and use it as your accent color instead. Here’s a cute little ensemble to inspire you.retro green look
  • Fun and flirty – this outfit is fun and just a little flirty, It’s something that gives off college girl vibes, letting other people know you’re game for anything, from a parade around town to a calzone eating contest.athletic but chic outfit in green
  • Posh Paddy – doing something posh for St. Paddy’s? A cute jumpsuit would definitely be something that you can use. Here are some outfits for inspiration.posh jumpsuit outfit cute posh jumpsuit outfit posh printed floral jumpsuit


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