10 Gorgeous Ways to Style A White Button Down Shirt

If there’s one thing that no girl should be without, no matter how basic and simple her style is and no matter how limited her closet space is, it’s a white button down shirt. It’s a timeless piece that you’re sure to get a lot of use out of. Aside from pairing it with jeans for the ultimate lazy day go-to look, there are a thousand and one more looks you can do with it. Here are 10 gorgeous ways to style a white button down shirt that you can try the next time you run out of outfit ideas.

  • COOL GIRL KNOT – if you think your plain white button down shirt is a little too dressy and ‘proper’ and you’re looking for a way to make it work for an everyday casual / street style look, knot it down halfway through buttoning it instead of going all the way. Wear it with a maxi for an easy boho look or with denim shorts or jeans for a quick but chic outfit of the day.

knotted modern boho look

knotted shift for a vintage look knotted white blouse knotted white shirt

  • THE HALF TUCK – another easy way to give your white button down shirt a more street style look and feel is to do the half tuck. Now, there are two ways you can do the half tuck. One way would be to leave one flap / side tucked in and the other out and the other one would be to have the front of your button down tucked loosely and the sides and back out.

half tuck front and back half tuck long button down half tuck one flap trick half tucked shirt and leather pants

  • LAYERED WITH A CROP TOP – you know how crop tops are so hot and on trend right now? Well, all that skin-baring could get your tummy real cold now that it’s winter so why not layer it up with a white button down? White button down shirts are ideal for layering because they’re versatile so it’s pretty much like a blank canvass waiting for colors, prints and patterns.

layered black crop top and white button down layered outfit with shorts layered with crop top layered with printed crop top

  • UNDER A DRESS – want to give your dress the slightest bit of that pretty preppy touch? Wear it with a white button down shirt underneath and make sure to leave the collar out. This look should be done with a dress that hugs the body like a shift dress or a mini dress so you can get the best effect.

dress and shirt combo elegant dress and shirt office outfit under a dress

  • TONE DOWN THE WILD – do you have a piece of clothing item that’s super cute and sexy and wild but never figured out how to wear or what to wear with? Wearing bold, bright and loud patterns, colors and prints can be fun and all but you want to make sure you won’t go overboard and one way to get this down to a T is to pair your wild piece with a white button down shirt. Anchoring your statement piece with a neutral one will result in a beautifully balanced look.

wild skirt pattern and white top wild scarf and white top wild pants and shoes combo wild midi skirt

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