10+ Gorgeous Ink Designs to Get this Summer

Summers are usually the most fun and most memorable time of the year and if you find that this summer is a little special than all the other past summers in your life, you might be thinking of ways to remember this summer, why not get a tattoo? Tattoos are becoming more and more popular by the day and they’re the perfect way to express yourself and remember something or immortalize it. Here are a few gorgeous ink designs that you can get this summer.

  1. Palm trees – what could be more summery than palm trees? If you’re a Cali girl moving somewhere else and you want something to remind you of nice and warm sunny summers in Cali, this is a great design to have inked.palm tree tattoo
  2. Dream catcher with feathers – dream catchers make really great tattoos, even beyond summer but something about the intricate design and the feathers give the whole image a Boho-ish look and feel to them which, as we all know, is the ultimate summer look.dream catcher tattoo
  3. Feathers – if you’re not into the whole dream catcher look, though, you can omit that and just go with feathers. Feathers are very symbolic but they’re also super cute. They’re perfect for dainty girls who want something with a bit of a Boho vibe.dark feather tattoo
  4. Anchor – nautical chic is the perfect look for summer and if you want something to go along with your perfectly cute nautical outfit, you can also get a nautical themed tattoo like one with an anchor. Anchor tattoos are usually symbolize staying humble and grounded, perfect for those who need the little reminded every day.dainty anchor tatttoo
  5. Butterfly – oh, what could be cuter than a butterfly tattoo? It’s pretty, dainty and you can have it colored in if you want something livelier too! Butterflies make for the perfect first-timer’s summer tattoo.butterfly wrist tattoo
  6. Something floral – for the girls who are getting their first tattoo this summer, you might be looking for something sweet and simple. If you are, I would suggest going for a cute, little summer flower like daisy, gerbera, or maybe even a peony or a pansy. The ultimate summer flower, though, is the sunflower and it makes a cute tattoo.colored floral tattoo
  7. Mandala – if you’re a true-blue Boho girl looking to get her first tattoo this summer, why not start with something that will go well with your style? A mandala tattoo is the perfect summer tattoo for Boho girls. It’s intricate, unique and just screams Boho chic. There are so many mandala designs that you can choose from and the best thing is that mandala tattoos look great in black and white and in color!mandala tattoo style

Here are a few more tattoo ideas that you might get inspired by this summer.

summer cute mandala tattoo summer dandelion tattoo summer mermaid tattoo with castle summer pineapple tattoo summer seashell tattoo summer wave tattoo


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