10 Fresh Looks: What To Wear With Hobo Bags

Hobo bag was once popular until it vanished from the trends a few seasons ago. But now, it has returned and oh do we want it back. A hobo bag is excellent because it comes in different styles and sizes but its iconic pouch-like shape makes it incredibly versatile. The hobo bag is so versatile that you can incorporate one in two completely different outfits and the look will still look amazing. Here I will show you 5 pairs of incredibly opposite and amazingly fresh outfits to wear hobo bags with.

Solid Color or Mixed Print

You could assemble either a sleek outfit in dark neutral solid colors or a playful mixed print outfit and add a hobo bag to either of the two outfits. For an outfit in solid colors you want a solid color hobo bag that will harmonize well with the rest of the pieces. A mixed print outfit would mean different prints or patterns. Just remember to have one common color among all the prints and patterns.hobo-bag-and-sleek-outfit


Casual or Formal

A typical hobo bag does not have a lot of accents and tiny details. This, along with its pouch-like shape, is what makes the hobo bag such a versatile bag. As they say, simplicity is a different kind of elegance. Which is why you can wear a hobo bag in a casual look or on a formal one just fine. The light brown hobo bag is excellent for the former while a classic black is best for the latter.hobo-bag-and-casual-top hobo-bag-and-classic-trench-coat

On a Quick Errand or A Long Distance Travel

Another great thing about the hobo bag is its variety of sizes. While a typical medium-sized hobo bag is a great bag to grab on to when going for a quick errand outside your home, a bigger hobo bag is excellent for travelling and is a wonderful addition to your airport style outfit.hobo-bag-and-maxi-dress hobo-bag-in-airport-outfit

Minimal or Maximal

Whether you are more on going minimal with your outfits or if you like bold and loud pieces put together, a hobo bag will be a great bag to add into any of the two outfit. A simple hobo bag would do well in a minimal outfit while a hobo bag with accents or tiny details such as tassles is great in a maximal outfit like a boho one.black-hobo-bag-minimal-look tassled-hobo-bag-in-boho-outfit

Classy and Feminine or Edgy and Androgynous

By far, my most favorite way to wear a hobo bag would be that you can choose either a feminine and classy look with lace and crochet or an edgy look with a leather jacket and the hobo bag would still look great in either of the outfit. A hobo bag in warm shades such as a rich brown color will pair better in a feminine look while a bold color like red would be better for an edgy outfit.hobo-bag-and-maxi-dress hobo-bag-in-airport-outfitbrown-hobo-bag-and-lacy-top hobo-bag-and-leather-jacket

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