10 Festival Fashion Staples to Invest In Now

Once spring and summer roll around, you can find festivals anywhere you look. So, it’s time to get prepared to be sure you’re one of the “best dressed” on your favorite music festival. Keep on reading for our 10 festival fashion staples to invest in now.

  1. Festival-Inspired Jewelry

festival outfit with bib necklace

gold band with lace top

Festival-inspired jewelry like bib necklaces and gypsy headband are great to complete your festive looks. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, go for an off-shoulder crop top and maxi skirt that will be spiced up with a cowboy belt and festival-inspired jewelry. Wild and carefree, you’ll be able to make your festival outfit standout in the seas of best-dressed women.

  1. Brimmed Hat

straw hat with denim on denim outfit hat with festival outfit fedora hat with festival outfit

Festivals are often held in open areas while the sun is still up, so it’s better to seek a wide-brimmed hat to give you enough coverage without sacrificing style. For a breezy vibe, opt for straw hats that will go perfectly with your denim outfit while a fedora hat will look great with breezy dresses and rompers.

  1. Crop Top

bandeau top with maxi skirt tie front crop top with denim shorts

Bandeau tops and crop tops are perfect for festivals. If your top feels exceedingly skin-baring, you can add a layer underneath to add a bit more modesty. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may actually opt for a bandeau top with no cleavage showing to wear with your maxi skirt. Also, you may opt for button-down tops and knot them creatively for a cropped look. This way, you’ll look more balanced and tamed while showing off your midriff.

  1. Suede Skirt

patchwork suede skirt with mustard top and boots suede skirt with tank top and florr length cardigan suede skirt with sheer top

Suede is so hot right now, so it’s time to get at least one suede skirt for you. Patchwork and button-downed skirts are two fads from fashion eras past, and both contribute a bohemian vibe. While these types of skirts pair well with crop tops, it can also be perfect with tank tops, turtleneck sweater, and peasant tops that will look quirkier by adding some lace-up sandals.

  1. Breezy Dress

black boho maxi dress with cowboy hat sheer embroidered dress with suit music festival chiffon outfit festival leather dress button down dress with chunky boots breezy maxi dress boho maxi dress with hat

Every woman needs a fun dress for an event like a festival. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, opt for a lightweight, breezy, and airy style of dresses that can be perfect to beat the scorching heat of summer. Or like Danielle Bernstein, opt for sheer embroidered dress that can be worn on top of your suit, which creates interesting lines around the garment.

  1. Kimono

kimono with festival outfit floor length kimono with festival outfit

Flowing kimonos look gorgeous under the warm sun, which is what makes them so great for festivals. Whether you’re wearing denim cut-off shorts or suede skirts, kimono silhouette adds some flair to your look, making sure your shape is given its best angle, all the time.

  1. Leather Jacket

leather jacket with red festival dress

A leather jacket is one of the most bohemian garments you can wear, especially when it’s fringed making it perfect for a summertime music festival. Biker jackets and quilted jackets can be great to add some edgy vibe to your bohemian outfits while giving you some cover from the scorching heat outdoors.

  1. Graphic Tee

graphic tee with shorts graphic top with denim shorts

A simple t-shirt can go a long way, especially when you’re dressing for a music festival. Graphic tee in a lightweight fabric can give you enough comfort even if it’s scalding hot outside. Between the fabric and the simple graphic detail, you can dress this tee up or down to match your style or the weather. So, a graphic tee is a great addition to your wardrobe, due to its versatility for music festivals and everyday wear.

  1. Distressed Denim Shorts

cut off shorts with denim crop top cut off shorts with loose top

Denim is a classic fabric for pants and shorts, so you should ideally have several pairs in your wardrobe already. Since you’ll be seeing a lot of denim bottoms at any festival you attend, think of getting your own pair of distressed shorts, especially cut-off shorts for a festival-appropriate look.

  1. Boots or Gladiators

gladiator-sandals-with-chiffon-dress festival outfit with ankle boots cowboy boots with festival outfit

Lace-up sandals and gladiators are another bohemian trend. However, if you wear these sandals on a sunny day, you’ll be in for an interesting tan line, between the scalloped edges and half-enclosed shape. Stylish and practical, you may switch to a pair of ankle boots or leather boots to keep you covered, as well as wearing a pair of black leggings keeping you breezy and cool in the heat.

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