10 Fashion Rules to Break

While styles are constantly developing and changing, one thing we can be sure is that fashion rules were made to be broken. Neglect what all the style magazines say about what’s in, what’s out, and what looks best with. Flaunt your one of a kind personality with your own signature style. If you’re searching to hone in your signature style, here are a few of the fashion rules we suggest breaking.

1. Don’t mix your prints.

clashing prints blouse and skirt

If done inappropriately, mixing prints look messy. However, print mixing has been one of the finest styles both in the streets and on the runway. If your prints are both fighting for first place, mix a huge print with a smaller print, or a bold color with muted color palette. Dealing with leopard print like a neutral is the simplest trick to unlock print mixing. No matter what colored print you opt for, add a leopard belt, shoes, handbag, shirt, or anything else. You may attempt to offset floral prints with lines or polka dots. If all else fails, go for gingham prints as it is always great for base outfit. In fact, mixed prints can look incredibly different, and level up your look from common to high-fashion ready in no time. This look is fashioned to be vibrant and unconventional, so wear it with confidence!

2. Redheads can’t wear red.

red and black vintage outfit red fade in blue dress

It’s true that some tones of red aren’t the most complementing on women with red hair, but that could be said about each hair shade and skin tone. Have you seen Jane Aldridge? She should be the red heads fashion inspiration. The gorgeous redhead rocks red outfits and looks unquestionably stunning.

3. Your bra should never show.

black bra on white outfit crystal bra on black sheer blouse

Not that we advise strutting around in a fishnet blouse, but occasionally a suggestion of lingerie under a somewhat sheer shirt is an appealing option to exposed skin. You can even try out wearing a strapped bra with a strapless outfit. Just do not forget to style it in a way that feels intentional. Keep everything else feminine and pick a high-necked blouse, or let a subtle bra peek out from cotton button-down.

4. Don’t wear pale colors if you have pale skin.

pale yellow blouse in pale skin pastel pink in jeans

This one is an enormous fashion myth that most Irish ladies still follow. Being pale does not necessarily suggest avoiding pale colors totally; it just comes to selecting the perfect color to suit your skin tone. In case you have pale skin tone then adhere to neutral shades of rose pink and pastels with blue shades. Or if you’re bold enough, pick your favorite color no matter if it’s pale or pastel.

5. You can wear red lipstick for night time only.

red lips on daytime

You can wear red lipstick or black eyeliner in a day time. You just can’t wear them together. Red lipstick is a spotlight for your face. It’s a great way to distract focus from your eyes if you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep. Just do not forget to keep the rest of your makeup minimal, and your clothing polished.

6. Don’t mix your metals.

mixed metal accessories

The fashion rule says, “gold goes with gold, silver with silver, and bronze with bronze”. Since metals are neutral, it is definitely okay to mix gold, white gold, bronze, and silver. Wearing gold and silver together in fact looks better in a lot of instances than just having on one or the other. The best way to make an effortless and uncomplicated look is by layering necklaces or stacking on an arm party. Mix pieces of different sizes and hues of silver and gold. The same goes for rings. If you’re feeling bold, put a little gold or gem into the combination for further contrast. The different metals enhance each other and stop you from looking too fashion strict in matching jewelry.

7. Don’t double up on denim.

denim on denim

The key to pulling off head to toe denim is to match pieces of different washes with each other, such as a soft denim top with dark denim trousers, or a dark denim coat with a light-wash pair of denim skirts. A denim top tucked into fitted, cropped jeans presents a great canvas for a striking statement style. If you like, you may even wear the same shade of denim from head to toe.

8. Runners are only for sports.

stylish white runners in all white outfit

Giving your feet a break doesn’t suggest you have to look sloppy. As current styles have demonstrated, the perfect pair of runners can bring a modern twist to dressier pieces. Just maintain the rest of the look calm and laid-back and make sure that your runners are stylish.

9. You can’t mix black with navy and pink with red.

black and navy outfit pink and red outfit

The typical rule is “select one neutral and highlight it with vivid colors, because two colors will collide over which is dominant, causing your simple wardrobe battle.” Somewhere along the way, these two colors combination got an undesirable standing. But when matched purposefully, it actually look quite contemporary and head turning. The key to pulling off this style is making sure it looks intentional and not like you got dressed in the dark and wore black with a navy outfit by mistake. Pair rich blues with a solid black, or rich pink with a deep red, so the eye can differentiate between the two colors. Also, you can attain this look by picking one base color then including all accessories.

10. Take off the last accessory you put on before leaving the house.

gold accessories accessories gold pearls

The ‘less is more’ concept is no more. Thanks to accessory styles like ring stacking. It’s all just a matter of individual preference so layer on your accessories and have pleasure with it!

Since your fashion style says a lot about you, take advantage of it to project a particular image through the way you’re dressed. Great style can be mastered and it is something you pick up as you go along. As you can see, fashion rules can be broken. Break those rules and make your own!



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