10 Days With Shellac Nails

 10 Days With Shellac Nails – shellac nails review :

I love nail polish; I love looking at it, buying (collecting) it and of course wearing it, but on me nice nails don’t last long.

A day, maybe two if I’m lucky.

I’ve tried every polish that claims to be anti-chip or wear resistant and invested in multiple top coats but alas they chip every time and I end up having to paint my nails most days but for the past ten days I haven’t touched a bottle.

Why? Gel nails that’s why!


First day!

I had them done just over a week ago and I’m happy to say I still have shiny, flawless fingernails almost two weeks in, that’s pretty impressive, right?

I know gel nails are nothing new but for me the thought of having salon perfect nails for several weeks has always appealed.

I’ve had them done a few times before but was left bitterly disappointed as they only lasted a few days before peeling off.

This could have been down to how they were applied, my heavy handedness or the fact I had peeling nails from previous acrylics, I just don’t know but they didn’t work.

Anyway, this is my third attempt with Shellac, a gel nail system by CND, there are other brands that offer similar such as Gelish, OPI Axxium, Nails Inc, etc but most salons near me seem to provide Shellac.
10 Days With Shellac Nails1

Ten days in!
These are my nails today, perfect and not a chip in sight, the only sign of wear is the fact my nails have grown so there is a little gap between cuticle and polish.

I love them, they look so good and glossy.

If you’ve never had gel nails before it’s a very simple salon treatment which takes around an hour, there are no extensions or anything like that involved.

Layers upon layers of special polish are painted onto your natural nail and set under a UV lamp which then results in a very hard wearing, chip free, smudge proof finish that lasts.

I had the shade Tropix applied, the perfect, bright, summer coral.

Although gel nails are expensive at between £25-£40 a treatment it’s definitely something to consider if your going on holiday or want perfect nails for work.

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