10 Creative Ways to Wear Brooches

Elegant, vintage, and versatile, brooches are great accessories to jazz up your simple outfit. In fact, they’re making a comeback and you’re not limited to one way of wearing them. Looking for inspirations to incorporate them in your style? Check out these ten creative ways to wear brooches.

  1. Pin a brooch to a hat or beanie.

floppy hat with brooches

military hat with brooches beanie with brooch and casual outfit

If you think your hats are too plain and simple, give them a little flash by pinning a brooch to them. Just make sure it won’t leave a hole. Knit hats like beanies are great for brooches. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, spice up your casual outfit with a brooch pinned to your bold-colored beanie, making it an elegant and chic accessory. Inspired by a military-chic style, then copy Chiara’s style of clustering her military brooches to her hat making it look fashion-forward and trendy.

  1. Jazz up your collars and epaulets with brooches.

camel coat with boots leather jacker with brooches

Collar pins are so popular right now, and you don’t have to splurge on a pin specific for collars as you can just your brooches. Your brooches on collars don’t have to look avant-garde, and a small pop of color on your pins will work. Like street style star Elena Perminova, you can jazz up the epaulets of your coats by wearing brooches on it instead of its built-in buttons.

  1. Trade your necklace with a brooch worn under the collars.

baroque outfit with brooch brooch with collared dress and studded jacket red outfit with blazer white outfit with brooch

If you’re not comfortable on wearing long strands of necklaces, then simply trade them for a stylish brooch perfectly worn under your shirt collars. There are avant-garde styles, haute couture design, and even vintage look that can spice up your simple button down shirts and collared dresses. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may opt for brooches of your favorite designer brand to add some glam to your feminine outfits.

  1. Pin a brooch to your neckpiece.

brooch with fur scarf brooch with vintage outfit choker with black dress

Whether you’re wearing a scarf or a choker, brooches can be friendly to spice those accessories too. Adding brooches to scarves add some unique flair on it while keep the scarf in place. To secure your neck piece, try pinning the brooch to the scarf and the top you are wearing. Like fashion editor Christine Centenera, you may think of wearing a brooch to your plain lace choker to add some flair to your style.

  1. Wear a brooch to jazz up your necklace.

brooch with gold chain and glamorous outfit brooch with pearl necklace and black dress

Love your pearl necklaces but you find that wearing them the same way over and over again has bored you? Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, wear a brooch with your pearl necklace to give your classic strand a fresh look. You may also try using old brooches that you already own or pick up a few different styles to create the exact type of necklace you have been looking for.

  1. Add some elegance to your cozy sweaters with a brooch.

tunic sweater with brooch turtleneck sweater with pink pants brooch with oversized sweater and boots

Knitted sweaters are a must-have for colder seasons. Though they are cozy and comfortable enough, they may not always look feminine and chic. So, try clustering a few gemstone brooches on your cozy sweaters to give them a fresh look like Miroslava Duma did creating an elegant and chic street style. If you don’t want to look too eye-catching on your cozy style, then go for a shade of brooch that blends well with the color of your sweater like Nicole Warne did spicing up her gray tunic sweater with a metallic silver brooch.

  1. Revamp your plain outerwear with a brooch.

brooch with coat brooches with navy coat camel blazer with striped top military inspired coat with brooches red coat with jeans

If you’re not a fan of prints, but find your coats too plain and boring for your style, then simply wear a brooch to them to make them look elegant and glamorous without looking overdone. Structured and boxy coats like wool coats, pea coats, and chesterfield coats will look more luxurious with an elegant brooch while lightweight coats can look sleeker and chic when worn with a brooch.

  1. Pin your brooch with your printed blazers.

camo blazer with skirt plaid outfit with mustard shoes printed blazer with pastel skirt

When you’re already wearing a printed blazer on your outfit, you may still opt for a simple style of a brooch to spice your outfit without interfering with your prints. Blair Eadie made her edgy camouflage print blazer chic by pinning an elegant brooch in it. Like her, just go for brooches with elegant styles especially if you’re wearing a not-so-feminine outfit like a military coat, tuxedo blazer, and even slouchy blazers.

  1. Wear your brooch to spice up your simple outfits.

brooch with dress brooch with overalls and coat dress with shirt and brooch knitted dress with boots

Pin your brooches on your outfits to give them some flair. Whether you’ll wear it with a dress, turtleneck, or jumpsuit, brooch will instantly give your style some elegance and polish especially if you’ll go for metallic silver or gold, as well as ones with gemstones in it.

  1. Pin your brooch to your accessories.

burgundy outfit with bag brooch with belt and jumpsuit

If you’re still unsure on how to wear your brooches with your outfits, then simply pin them on your bag or belt. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, spice up your plain belt and neutral outfit with a brooch pinned on your belt making your style look elegant and chic.

Indeed, brooches are a must-have accessory for every woman who wishes for an elegant and sophisticated fashion style.

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