10 Classic Tops Every Woman Should Own

Sometimes, with so many new trends emerging all at once, it can be pretty easy to get lost and confused and forget about the basics as well as the classics that have never failed us. Speaking of classics, here are the top 10 classic tops every woman should own.

  • A CRISP WHITE SHIRT – a white button down shirt makes a great layering base for more posh and polished looks such as those you wear to the office. A white tee, on the other hand, makes a great go-to piece for dressing basic on days when you don’t feel like getting glammed up.

white tee outfit

white top

  • A PLAIN TANK TOP – a plain tank top is one of the most versatile things you can own in your wardrobe. Wear it on its own at home while lounging around, wear it to the gym while working out, underneath sheer clothing, as a layering base – the possibilities are endless.

tank top and midi skirt

  • A STRIPED SHIRT – on days when you want something simple and classic but don’t want to resort to the basic white shirt, a striped top will surely come in handy.

striped black and white top striped top and shorts

  • A SILK BLOUSE – silk isn’t exactly something everyone would consider as an everyday fabric but if you’re looking to add a hint of luxury to your look, a silk blouse would definitely get the job done for you.

silk gray blouse

  • A GOING OUT TOP – this one is something that you can wear on days (or nights) that you want to look extra special, be it for a party, a date or a special event. Choose one that’s fancy and sleek that would easily go with either a skirt or a pair of structured trousers.

going out top off the shoulder sexy look going out top with sheer panel

  • A DENIM / CHAMBRAY TOP – a denim or chambray top is perfect for any casual day. It’s one of the few classic basics that you can effortlessly wear all year long. Of course, you can also dress it up if you wish to or you could keep it simple, laidback and relaxed just the way it is.

denim top and floral skirt

  • A STRUCTURED TOP – a structured top is the perfect solution to adding a posh and polished vibe to a look that’s a little too laidback and casual for your liking.

structure top outfit structured black top layer outfit

  • A LACY TOP – lace is a surefire way to add that dainty, feminine vibe in your look. Wear it on its own for an ultra chic and ultra girly outfit or layer it up with other pieces for a more intricate street style look.

lacy top and yellow skirt

  • A LIGHT LONG SLEEVED TOP – a light long sleeved top will come in handy on days when a full on jacket or sweater is just too warm for the weather and you want just a little bit of warmth added to your outfit to make it more comfortable.

longsleeved dress long sleeved red top

  • A PRINTED TOP – a printed top makes a great excuse for adding lots of colors to your outfit all at once, and without overdoing it too. On days when you want to spruce up a simple or neutral outfit just a teeny tiny bit, wear a printed top and you’ll be good to go.

printed top outfit

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