10 Best Outfits from Heidi Klum

With the recent conclusion of Halloween, Heidi Klum is in the spotlight once again. We all know she’s the Queen of Halloween, but there’s more to Heidi than just serious Halloween style. Being a supermodel, Heidi is known to be one of the most gorgeous and most stylish people in Hollywood as well. Here are some of the best outfits we’ve seen from Heidi Klum, including the ones we wish we could pull off.

  1. Sexy devil – if being sexy is bad, Heidi Klum is the worst! This combination of a black pussy bow top and shiny red leather pants is just what you would imagine a supermodel wearing to achieve that lowkey sexy look.sexy-devil-heidi-klum
  2. Officer in style – we all know the army green color is one of the hottest hues for fall this year, but Heidi has been sporting this color for quite some time now, even before it was cool! That just goes to show how truly fashion forward our girl is.officer-in-style
  3. LRD – who needs a little black dress when you can have it in red? Here’s Heidi proving that the basics need not be boring. Sure, black is flattering and all that, but when you have a physique like Heidi’s, you don’t really need that extra boost. Plus, red is so much sexier!`lrd
  4. Minimal boho – Boho is usually a very busy look with so much happening in one outfit, but Heidi knows how to avoid all that without losing the actual Boho outfit feels. Here she is with an all black ensemble complete with fringe accents and accessories to complete the vibe.minimal-boho
  5. City shopper – this outfit by Heidi is the perfect combo between chic and comfy. The navy color scheme makes her blonde hair look even more luxurious, too.city-shopper
  6. Sexy summer – nobody does a 90s throwback with denim overalls like Heidi Klum. Here she is looking sexy and very ready for summer – a look that most of us can only dream of even braving to wear.sexy-summer
  7. Sheer sophistication – seriously, who looks classy in sheer outfits? Heidi Klum, that’s who! Even when she has a bit of skin showing, she manages to keep her outfit looking chic and classy.sheer-sophistication
  8. Ethereal beauty – one of the things I love about Heidi is how she is always able to keep up with the younger ones in the industry. Here she is, looking ethereal at a red carpet event in a gorgeous pink ensemble.ethereal-beauty
  9. Fall perfect – no idea what to wear for fall this year? Here’s a little inspiration from Heidi — a sweater shirt and some sexy thigh high suede boots in gray.fall-perfect
  10. Fully floral – not everyone can pull off a head to toe printed look, but Heidi makes it seem so effortless and easy in this floral jumpsuit. Even with the most basic flip flops, this outfit still looks super chic.fully-floral


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