5 Fashion Styling Tips for Out-of-Season Clothes

With summer fast approaching, you might have clothes in your closet that you might consider passe. While your first instinct might be to ship them to your storage locker, you don’t have to do so right away. Be able to wear them once again with these fashion styling tips for out-of-season clothes.

Go Casual

Do you have a cocktail dress and evening gown that you probably aren’t going to wear again – at least not in the immediate future? Don’t think that you’ve wasted your hard-earned money because of that. You can wear it once again simply by following the fashion styling tips of turning these clothes into casual attires. It can be as simple as wearing it over pants – or wearing a shirt underneath your dress.

dress over pants

sweater underneath dress

Knot it

A button-down top is perfect for the office, but if you’re tired of wearing it the same old way, then go ahead and knot the ends. This is one of the cutest fashion styling tips, especially if you want an outfit that screams ‘summer!’ If you’re truly daring, you can disregard the top buttons for a cleavage-revealing look. Another option to try out: hike the knot a few ways up in order to transform your button-down into a summer-worthy crop top.

knotted button down knotted floral top

Hike it Up

Crossbodies or body bags are timeless pieces, but they’re not as popular as they were before. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore them for good though. Follow the fashions styling tips of fashion icons by adjusting the strap and wearing it up high.

crossbody bag crossbody bag outfit

Make it Versatile

You might have a lot of scarves around. And while they’re best worn around the neck, it can get very hot this summer! So if you want to make the most out of this list of fashion styling tips, then make your scarf a versatile one. Wear it as a belt, a headband, or as a bag handle design. With these options, I’m sure you’ll be able to maximize all of your autumn and winter scarves.

scarf as belt scarf as headband scarf as bag handle

Feminize it

Graphic socks are definitely fun. But now that you’re working, maybe you’re thinking that you’re old enough to wear your favorite tootsies. This shouldn’t be the case! Heed these fashion styling tips and wear your graphic socks with your favorite sandals. Not only will this allow you to utilize your geeky socks, it can keep your feet warm during the unpredictable spring days as well.

socks with sandals graphic socks

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